Artist Statement

Making photographs is a way for me to discover the unexpected through curiosity and serendipity. I like to explore the world without preconceptions of what life will bring me because the spontaneous nature of photography is out of my control. I am never looking for something specific and I am always surprised by what my subconscious brings me. When I work, I often find myself unveiling moments that I otherwise would not be a part of without my camera. I believe that my photographs function as a counterpart to the unique and subjective experience that I have. My goal is to communicate what words cannot through my emotional and immediate visual response to the world.

I believe that photographs are a dance of life. When I set out with my camera, I do not look for what the truth is, but I am looking for what the truth could be. Making pictures requires my brain and heart to align in order to tell me when the exact insance to make a photograph is. Life is layered with so many complexities and unexpected, simultaneous relationships that occur everyday and all I have to do is pick up my camera and recreate that for myself as much as I want. A picture of an old man tying his son’s shoe while they fly a kite can sooth people throughout the world and make them smile and remember their father. It is this power that photographs have to champion mankind and how great they are that is the ultimate gift I can give to the world as a photographer.

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