I make candid pictures of everyday people. 


My name is Dante Sisofo and I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but reside in Baltimore, where I attend the Maryland Institute College of Art. As I explore cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York City, I snap away at scenes that are always teaching me more about life and myself. When I take pictures, I simply remain open and responsive to the environment, searching for the beauty in the mundane. The movement of the city is what I consider to be my true subject. The pulse and flow of the street is an obsession of mine that I wish to break down from ceaseless activity into unexpected moments of time. 

I have been serious about making pictures of people on the street for about a year now. I started during my sophomore year in a graphic design class that incorporated photography and design. Originally a graphic design major, I switched to photography immediately.

I worked on a community based project where I engaged with the Samaritan Community in Baltimore. The Samaritan Community is a place for families or individuals in need of help during times of crisis. I collected the stories of the individuals of that community and created portraits of those people. Their stories were used alongside the pictures in brochures, postcards, and posters that we created for the Samaritan Community. This project is what opened me up to the idea of socially engaged photography and creating work for other people, rather than for myself. 


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