Clashes in Jericho

On May 19, 2017, Palestinians fought with the Israeli Army at the checkpoint in Jericho. Rocks were thrown, tires were burned, and fireworks were launched at the army. The IDF attempted to diffuse the situation by shooting rubber bullets into the crowd. Eight Palestinians were hit and escorted by ambulances.

During the clash, the Palestinians used a ditch along the road to gather their stones. The Palestinians attacked the military base at the checkpoint, where the Israeli Army held their ground. The army used a trench that is dug right outside of the base to take cover from the stone throwing. The Palestinians advanced to just about 20 meters from their base, allowing them to launch fireworks at the Israelis’ watchtowers. The clashes occurred at the Jericho checkpoint two Fridays in a row. You can find footage of the clashes on May 19 below.

On Friday, May 26, clashes continued in the West Bank. A man that was hit with a rubber bullet the previous week was back at the checkpoint to get his revenge. Even though it is just a rubber bullet, they can be quite dangerous- even fatal. I was able to catch the man applying water to his wound during the clash and made this photograph.

The traffic at the checkpoint was redirected to the field on the side of the road. The Palestinians controlled the border by blocking the flow of traffic, creating a line of cars on the road in the center of tension. They used the cars as cover as they advanced closer to the Israeli military base at the checkpoint. Palestinians light tires on fire and roll them out into the streets creating clouds of smoke.

I have spoken to many people during the clashes. Most of them view the events that occur at the checkpoints as a sport for the Palestinian people. Instead of going to the baseball game, they go to the checkpoint to fight with the Israeli Army. There seems to be a fire that will not burn out in the West Bank. The tension is high and the people will most likely continue fighting for years to come.